10 - View into one of the quads
Back in time again... It looks like we're pointing further to the right than the last shot, and looking across the right quad to the northern corridor (although it's hard to be certain about this). The corridor itself is clearly visible, with the large windows at the bottom of the shot, shrouded by foliage. Above, the north-eastern classrooms are ablaze.
11 - Firemen take to the roof of the NE wing
Not much more to say about that, really.
12 - The roof of the NE wing
The roofs of the rooms at the eastern end of the top corridor are ablaze. Note the chimney to the left of shot, with an aerial attached. The gable is almost certainly the same one as pictured here.
13 - View along the north front
This gable is at the western end and is probably the same one that is obscured by a window frame in this shot. It gives some idea then as to the reach of the fire along the north side. There's clear damage to the roof, but not so much to the classrooms themselves here (home ec, it would appear). In the distance, the damage is more severe, although it's hard to make out in the picture. The maths annexe makes an appearance as the flat roofed building in the distant fog of the negative print on the extreme left.
14 - A fireman helps clear out one of the home ec rooms on the north side
Yes he does.