15 - A fireman stands before the main entrance
The fireman is Martin Rice, who's in charge. He's telling the reporter all about what's gone on. And behind him is the wreckage of the south corridor, and the wall of the north corridor beyond. The interesting metalwork to the right is part of the roof-structure of the IT block. The roofs in the background are the old gym. The stuff behind Rice's head can be seen in the next photo.

16 - Another shot of the main entrance
Rice and Forster discuss the wreckage. There's that language lab again (left). This time, we can see the steps over the crypt. We can also see the north corridor to the right of shot. What's more, we get a really good view of that central chimney and fireplace. The recessed fireplace in the centre is art-deco in style. What look like crenellations along the top are actually part of the girderwork of the roof section infront. I don't remember seeing the fireplace before the fire, and I think it must've been hidden behind a shelf-unit. Note a raised plaque area above the fireplace itself. This is probably an ideal opportunity to mention the borders on these pages which are based on the wall-embelishments of the lower school Main Hall (a simple art-deco rectangle overlay design).
17 - Mr Forster looks forlorn outside what is probably the Main Hall
The south door to the main hall is on the left. The wall and roof structure is visible beyond.
18 - Looking NE through the gutted language lab
Another view of that fireplace, with the door to the main hall visible again on the left of shot. The archway thing we saw earlier can just be made out as a grey blur beyond the door (its precise location in the building I've yet to figure out). Note how the east corridor and Mr Cooke's room are not visibly damaged, despite being next to the source of the fire.
19 - Looking SW through the central IT labs
The bushes and trees outside the main entrance can be seen through the metal framework of the IT labs. That fireplace is over to the right, and a radiator can be seen in the foreground. We are stood on one of the lateral corridors.


Diagram of the depicted corridor section.

20 - View along a corridor
Now here's a photo that's been puzzling me. It's clearly a corridor, but I couldn't work out where. I initially thought it must be the northern corridor, looking west from the boys toilets or thereabouts. My reasoning was the number of doors. The first two openings to the right are definitely doors, and then there are three more openings where it isn't entirely clear if they're doors or windows. This seemed more in keeping with the top corridor. 
But I began to have my doubts. Mainly because there is a section of exterior cladding poking in on the right (it's slightly less cropped on my master-copy which is how I noticed it). That suggests that the collapsed door in the foreground is an exterior door rather than just a firedoor along the corridor. Well as there are only five entrances on the building, it should be easy to work out where we are. It's not the main entrance, it's presumably not either of the western entrances (because the fire doesn't seem to have gotten that far), it's not the east entrance because that opens onto the corridor at a right-angle. Therefore it has to be the south-east entrance, meaning we're looking up the east corridor. Great. 
I was still reluctant to believe for a while, because I couldn't help thinking that the east entrance should be in view. As it is, it must be through that dark doorway at the end of the depicted corridor block.

Having worked out where we are, we can now analyse what can be seen in the photo. And to help us with this one, I've made a diagram (cos I'm nice like that). The main door seems to have been held between that bit of wall to the left and its more charred counterpart on the right (the door is set back in an alcove). The first door on our right (beyond some sort of beam and a well-grilled radiator) is probably the technology store. The next door is the toilet, and then beyond that is whatever the cloak room was converted to, I suppose. My memory of this corner is a bit weak, it has to be said. It might be worth comparing what we see here with the block in the next photo, which is a reflection of the block we're looking at. So the toilet door lines up with the small window on the exterior wall.

Another curiosity in this photo lies between the door and the cladding. If your monitor is turned up enough you should notice what appears to be a wooden case; suitcase sized. However, another viewing of the footage suggests that it's just some form of wall boxing.

21 - The south-western block
If it weren't for KP stood in the yard surrounded by musical instruments, you'd think there was nothing wrong here. The western end of lower-school has come off unscathed. The instruments have been rescued from the cloakroom store in the block behind (which also contains a toilet and the modern languages office). The red-doored garage seen in earlier photos is to the right, out of shot, and the caretaker's hedge can be seen jutting into view. The western entrance lies beyond the shadows to the left of shot between the south-west block and Mr Ellis' biology lab. Doe Quarry Lane runs along the background.
22 - Ground Zero: the east entrance
The fire was started in a bin on one of these walls (the left one presumably). The ramp here is a recent addition. Through the main doors, a corridor runs north/south (right/left). A single door opens onto the east quad, and the remains of the south corridor can be seen through the door-window. Mr Cooke's technology lab is in the block to the right of shot. This is almost a reverse angle of shot 18.